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62.2m3/min Oil-injected Atlas Screw Air Compressor Fixed Drive GA90+~GA315+

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62.2m3/min Oil-injected Atlas Screw Air Compressor Fixed Drive GA90+~GA315+

62.2m3/min Oil-injected Atlas Screw Air Compressor Fixed Drive GA90+~GA315+
62.2m3/min Oil-injected Atlas Screw Air Compressor Fixed Drive GA90+~GA315+ 62.2m3/min Oil-injected Atlas Screw Air Compressor Fixed Drive GA90+~GA315+ 62.2m3/min Oil-injected Atlas Screw Air Compressor Fixed Drive GA90+~GA315+ 62.2m3/min Oil-injected Atlas Screw Air Compressor Fixed Drive GA90+~GA315+

Large Image :  62.2m3/min Oil-injected Atlas Screw Air Compressor Fixed Drive GA90+~GA315+

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Atlas
Certification: ISO 8573-1 CLASS 0
Model Number: GA90+~GA315+
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1pcs
Price: be negotiated
Packaging Details: Atlas standard packing
Delivery Time: 7~30days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, D/A, Western Union, D/P
Supply Ability: 100pcs per month

62.2m3/min Oil-injected Atlas Screw Air Compressor Fixed Drive GA90+~GA315+

Material: Aluminum Alloy Model: GA90+~GA315+
Type: Oil-Injected Capacity FAD: 15.5~62.2m3/min
Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz Related Power: 90, 110, 132, 160, 180, 200, 250, 315, Kw
Drive Model: Fixed Drive, Newest Version
High Light:

62.2m3/min Oil Free Screw Air Compressor


Fixed Drive Oil Free Screw Air Compressor

Atlas Oil-injected Rotary Screw Compressor New Version GA90+~GA315+50~60Hz

High reliability, low operating cost
The most direct way to increase profit margins is to reduce operating expenses. It is well known that energy costs account for
80% of the entire life cycle cost of a compressor. Atlas GA+ series compressor
The machine is equipped with an intelligent fuel injection system and an IE4/IE5 motor, which not only reduces the operating cost of the customer, but also allows the machine to run stably under severe working conditions.


GA+ series compressor adopts intelligent oil injection technology, IE4/IE5 oil-cooled motor; motor and machine head
One-piece design, protection level up to IP66. Efficient transmission system, with large margin design
designed cooling system, low pressure drop piping system and the precise Elektronikon® Touch
The control system can greatly reduce the comprehensive operation energy consumption of the compressor.

The protection level of the transmission system of the GA+ series compressor reaches IP66, preventing dust and
The erosion of water vapor allows the unit to operate stably under harsh working conditions (up to 55°C
operating at ambient temperature).

62.2m3/min Oil-injected Atlas Screw Air Compressor Fixed Drive GA90+~GA315+ 0
Easy maintenance
All the parts that need regular maintenance are fully considered the convenience of operation, greatly reducing the
Short maintenance time. The unique box plate design makes all zeros inside the unit
Parts are all within easy reach. At the same time, the design of each component also fully considers its maintainability
Compared with the traditional design, the average maintenance time is shortened by more than half.


Lower life cycle cost
Compressed air is essential in daily industrial production, and its application fields include
Including: pneumatic tools for cutting, drilling, hammering and grinding processes;
mechanism and valve; ventilation system; packaging and stacking equipment and conveyor system
system etc. GA+ series compressors are designed for lower life cycle cost.


Adapt to harsh working conditions
Compressed air is vital to the mining industry for: Dust bag filtering
Filter, maintenance gas, ventilation gas and pneumatic tools. GA+ series air pressure
The compressor is not only reliable, but also durable, even in harsh environments work for a long time.


Stable and reliable
To ensure an uninterrupted supply of energy, power plants must operate continuously day and night.
Therefore, a continuous supply of compressed air is crucial for the trouble-free operation of power plants
want. GA+ series compressors provide reliable compressed air for silt Purging and fly ash treatment, etc.


Lower energy efficiency
Instrument gas used in metal smelting plants, raw material pneumatic conveying and other processes must be
Large volumes of compressed air are used, so efficient solutions are required to reduce
Low running costs. Atlas GA+ series compressors. High energy efficiency greatly reduces the customer's operating costs.


Easy maintenance and maintenance
The cement plant needs a large amount of compressed air, mainly for the transportation of raw materials
deliver. In a cement plant, a large amount of dust and water vapor will inevitably damage the pressure
reduce the performance of the machine, resulting in additional energy and maintenance costs. GA+ Department
The column compressor not only has the transmission system with IP66 protection level, to avoid pollution
substances into the compressor; and easy maintenance, such as cartridge design
Oil separation core, cooler with pull-out design, etc.

62.2m3/min Oil-injected Atlas Screw Air Compressor Fixed Drive GA90+~GA315+ 1

Dual pressure set points and automatic shutdown
The compressed air pressure required by most production processes will fluctuate, therefore, in When the demand pressure is relatively low, if the operating pressure of the machine remains unchanged, it will Cause huge waste of energy. The Elektronikon® controller can create two
Pressure point, through manual or automatic switching of working pressure, to adapt to different customers
Different pressure requirements at different time periods, thus saving a lot of energy costs. In addition, Atlas 's unique control algorithm is also integrated in the controller On the premise of avoiding frequent start and stop of the motor, shorten the unloading operation as much as possible travel time, further reducing operating costs.


Born for efficiency
• The intelligent fuel injection system accurately matches the required fuel injection volume of the machine head, so that the machine head can always run with high efficiency
• Efficient IE4 (fixed frequency) and IE5 (variable frequency VSD+) motors
• The built-in heat recovery system can recover up to 78% of the energy in the compressor system
• Two-speed or variable frequency fans can further reduce power consumption in low temperature environments


Elektronikon Mk5 Touchscreen Controller
The unique control logic and algorithm of the Elektronikon® controller can be customized according to different
improve the performance of compressors and after-treatment equipment. our solution The solution can bring you many benefits, such as reducing energy consumption, reducing maintenance time time and cost. Reduce stress on your energy costs, and also on your operations


More reliable motor
The transmission system with IP66 protection level eliminates the erosion of dust and water vapor, and ensures the power
The machine can run stably even under harsh working conditions.

62.2m3/min Oil-injected Atlas Screw Air Compressor Fixed Drive GA90+~GA315+ 262.2m3/min Oil-injected Atlas Screw Air Compressor Fixed Drive GA90+~GA315+ 3

Ready-to-install, all-in-one model
The GA+ FF full-featured machine integrates a dryer, and the dew point of the outlet air can reach 3°C/37°F (20°C
ambient temperature).
The pipes and cables between the compressor and the dryer have been assembled at the factory, no additional
External installation work, and the compressor control panel can view and monitor the dew point temperature.


High temperature option
Ensuring reliable compressor operation in hot and humid environments:
• The maximum ambient temperature for fixed frequency machines is 55°C ( 131°F )
• The maximum ambient temperature of the inverter can reach 50°C ( 121°F )


Vibration monitoring
The SPM vibration monitoring system can monitor the vibration of the machine head and motor bearings in real time. The sensor is directly connected to the Elektronikon® controller, and the vibration value of each point can be checked in real time.
The alarm/shutdown value of the controller is set at the factory. Through this system, the failure of the transmission system can be detected in time, and preventive maintenance can be carried out, so that the compressor can run safely for a longer period of time.


Performance Witness Test
Take a factory tour and witness a standard performance test of the compressor. Compressors are tested in accordance with Atlas standard test procedures and ISO1217:2009 Annexes C and E (4th edition). Transparent testing makes customers feel more at ease.


Built-in dryer
The GA+ FF full-performance model integrates the dryer inside the compressor. This one-piece design not only reduces installation space, but also saves piping installation costs. Under typical operating conditions, the compressed air dew point can reach +3°C (37.4°F).


Motor Protection Options
Five temperature sensors (PT-1000) are respectively installed on the front and rear bearings of the main motor and the three-phase windings.
The temperature at each point can be viewed directly through the Elektronikon® controller, and the built-in program will protect the motor of the compressor by alarming or shutting down

62.2m3/min Oil-injected Atlas Screw Air Compressor Fixed Drive GA90+~GA315+ 4


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