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company news about Atlas Air Compressor GR_200-20 Oil-Free Water-Inverting Screw Compressor

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Atlas Air Compressor GR_200-20 Oil-Free Water-Inverting Screw Compressor
Latest company news about Atlas Air Compressor GR_200-20 Oil-Free Water-Inverting Screw Compressor


latest company news about Atlas Air Compressor GR_200-20 Oil-Free Water-Inverting Screw Compressor  0

Compressor flow rate of 255-442 L/hr (541-937 cu ft/min) at 13 bar
Compressor flow at 20 bar pressure is 211-385 liters/sec (447-816 cubic feet per minute)
Available in 13 bar and 20 bar models
Power 110-200 kW (150-270 hp)
Noise level 72-78 dB(A) (depending on model)
The GR110-200 series are two-stage oil-injected screw compressors suitable for high pressure air from 13 bar to 20 bar.
This range of compressors is a two-stage design with low and high pressure rotors on the gearbox driven by high efficiency TEFC motors (IP-55, Class F insulation), which guarantees the most efficient operation at high pressure.
Made for high pressure air applications, the new two-stage GR compressor not only works efficiently, it also has all the performance and benefits for which the GA series compressors are known. At the same time, as an all-rounder, the new two-stage GR compressor has a built-in refrigerated air dryer. The two-stage GR compressor becomes a complete compressor package when fitted with an optional filter, which can also be built in.
The new two-stage GR All-Performance is a complete, high-efficiency compressor package for applications requiring higher pressure air.
Performance Benefits Wide range of applications, no foundation Easy to install, fast installation No additional installation costs Atlas Copco's patented two-stage screw rotor design High efficiency and suitable for high pressure applications Proven reliability Low rotor speed reduces bearings 13 bar and 20 bar pressures are available for high pressure applications GR full performance concept Built-in dryer with R404 refrigerant Reduced space requirements and low installation costs due to the provision of high-quality end products R404 refrigerant complies with environmental regulations Noise level: 72-78 dB(A) Quiet operation, no disturbance to the surrounding environment Less work Efficient cooling system No condensate in the pipe network, longer oil life, low compressed air outlet temperature Effective oil separation system (oil content as low as 3 ppm) Low oil consumption, higher compressed air quality 55 The drive motor has no transmission loss, can prevent water splash, high energy saving efficiency, longer service life Elektronikon control monitoring and management is simple, less maintenance work, low control and operating costs Global service support You only need a phone call, you will have Experienced service engineers at your service Regulation: The two-stage GR compressor has a regulation system that has proven to be very effective. The purpose of saving energy can be achieved by using the full-load/no-load regulation system. The simple design of the adjustment system, large dimensions and few moving parts result in minimal pressure drop while requiring very limited maintenance.

Cooling system: The aftercooler has a large surface area, which can effectively reduce the system temperature and prolong the service life of oil, oil filter and separator. Cooling Fan: Driven by a separate TEFC motor (IP55, class F). The fan, fan motor and vent cap are hinged to make the cooler easy to clean. Oil and gas separator: The three-step oil and gas separation system (centrifuge, gravity and filter) guarantees the output of high-quality air with low oil content, and the concentration of oil is less than 3 ppm. The cover of the separator is hinged to allow easy replacement of the separator core. Two-stage rotor design: Both low-pressure (LP) and high-pressure (HP) rotor stages rotate at lower speeds on ball and roller bearings, reducing wear and maintenance, while extending compressor rotor life service life. Air Inlet Filter: - Easy to replace - High efficiency drying paper cartridge, 99.9% effective at removing particles larger than 3 microns - SAE fine standard. Elektronikon Control: Comprehensive management and monitoring is possible with the advanced elektronikon control system. The controls are simple to operate and the operation menu is easy to use. Built-in Freeze Dryer: The GR All-Performance is built into the GR unit and includes a bypass system to form a compact, multi-functional package. The built-in refrigerated dryer using R404 refrigerant gas complies with environmental regulations. High-efficiency prime mover: The two-stage GR compressor is driven by a high-efficiency TEFC electric motor (IP55, class F). This ensures that the protective effect is achieved, and at the same time, the compressor can reach the maximum service life.

latest company news about Atlas Air Compressor GR_200-20 Oil-Free Water-Inverting Screw Compressor  1

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